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Why Realflow ?

In Image by Forester provides static 3D models of liquids, and the full Realflow scene files to create animations of those same liquids. Why would an architect, an advertising agency or a scientific illustrator want the Realflow scene files, as opposed to the static 3D models? There are …

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What is Realflow ?

In Image by Forester

Realflow, by Next Limit is a computer program that makes photorealistic water fountains, pools, waterfalls, running streams, and a host of other kinds of moving liquids. It does this by simulating the physical properties of liquids as they react to external forces such as wind, …

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70 Percent Discount For Architecture Students

In Image by Forester0 Comments

Seventy Percent Discount for Architecture Students – If you are a student in an accredited college or university, and can show me proof of your school registration, you can have almost any of these models or Realflow Scenes in the Expandingwave Store for thirty percent …

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Pouring Wines

In Pouring Liquids by Forester

Where would we be without pouring wines? There are hundreds of pouring wines in the 3D marketplace. We offer distinctive models characterized by lively, eye-catching splashes and sparkles. Our wine models also are distinctive in that they use the correct style of glass and bottle …