This part of the Store displays a continually growing collection of pre-built 3D models of fountains, garden pools, waterfalls, rivers and streams, ocean splashes, liquid spills and free-form fluids. These versatile static mesh models can be placed in architectureal renderings, advertising imagery, scientific illustrations and art scenes of the natural world.

The models are available in *.obj, *.mb, *.vob and *.max file formats. The majority of the liquid models are available in high resolution versions, and lower resolution versions are quickly available upon request. MAX versions of the models have V-Ray 3.3 + materials applied to them, and Vue versions have Vue materials. Obj versions typically use grey-scale for the liquids, but all other model structures or elements are completely UV mapped and the texture files are included. (Actually, all liquids also are UV mapped, but this may not be relevant to you.) Of course, you may substitute materials of your own choosing and apply any form of lighting you like to create a wide variety of visually striking imagery.

The majority of the models are physically accurate representations of the liquids they portray. Physically accurate pre-built models save time and allow you to focus on overall scene design.