This part of the Store displays a growing collection of 3D models of fountains, garden pools, waterfalls, wine and other household liquids, liquid spills and free-form fluids. These versatile, photorealistic models can be placed in architectural renderings, advertising imagery, scientific illustrations and art scenes of the natural world. They can be used for games and virtual reality applications.

The majority of the models are physically accurate representations of the liquids they portray. Physically accurate pre-built models save time and allow you to focus on overall scene design.

You will find the models available in *.obj, Autodesk, Maxwell Render, Vue and other file formats. The majority of the liquid models are high resolution, with low resolution versions often included in the product. Feel free to ask for a lower resolution version of any model at any time. It takes only a few minutes to honor this kind of request.

The Autodesk Max versions of the models have current V-Ray materials applied to them. Autodesk Maya versions may use Mental Ray or Substance Designer materials. Maxwell Render Scene files will have high-quality, original Maxwell Render materials. Obj versions typically use blue-scale or grey-scale for the liquids. For the universal *.obj file format, texture sets will typically include diffuse, normal, specular, and height maps. Please request other types of maps if you need them. Almost all model components will be fully UV mapped to make it easy for you to substitute materials of your own choosing.

When you purchase a model, you’ll find that you have access to every file format, and every published level of resolution at no extra charge.