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70 Percent Discount For Architecture Students

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Seventy Percent Discount for Architecture Students – If you are a student in an accredited college or university, and can show me proof of your school registration, you can have almost any of these models or Realflow Scenes in the Expandingwave Store for thirty percent of the normal price.

Apply here by leaving your name and school affiliation in the “Comment Box.” You’ll also have to give me an email address for yourself. In return, I’ll follow up with an email request for a *.pdf or *.jpg copy of your student registration and then give you a special keycode coupon to use in the product purchase process. This will give you any product purchase for a substantial discount.

There is a no limit on the number of models or Realflow Scenes you can have.

I will be happy to work with any student to provide mesh models in almost any file format you need. If you need a reduced polygon version of the model for distance viewing, I’ll make that for you, too, at no charge.

To date, I’ve filled requests for special models from students in Mexico, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

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