Expandingwave provides 3D static mesh models of liquids and pre-made Realflow scene files to the architectural, advertising, scientific and art communities.


Designing and building a realistic water feature requires time and effort. If you are an architect, your focus is your building or interior scene – the water feature probably is an ancillary object. This store contains a wide variety of pre-built water features that are entirely physically accurate, photo realistic and that will look good in all kinds of lighting arrangements, including full, natural sunlight. It is our intention to make these water feature products the best in the business – second to none and at a reasonable price. Any of these can be dropped into your scene setting with a minimum of time and effort, saving you and your team the distraction and effort involved in making them.

If you are an advertising – creative graphics professional, time and quality are the critical factors in your work. The products in this store are very high quality MAX – Vray or *,obj 3D models, fully UV mapped and textured with high quality materials. The liquids, particularly the wines and free-form liquids are the most lively and eye-catching available. Just drop them in your scene and work on the rest of your composition.

There are two kinds of products in this store

The first kind of product is a physically accurate 3D model of a liquid, along with its supporting structure, such as a terracotta fountain. There is a wide array of such models:  fountains and pools for architects, waterfalls, rivers, ocean splashes and streams for games, movie-makers, Unity, Vue, World Machine and Terragen artists, freeform liquids, spills, splashes and pouring liquids for advertising designers. These professional grade models come in common MAX, *.obj and other file formats. They can be purchased, immediately downloaded and placed into your work, saving you a considerable amount of development time and allowing you to concentrate on scene or image development.

The second kind of product is a pre-built Realflow scene file – a special effects animation, complete with various user controls and documention. These are ready-to-use scene files of fountains, waterfalls, flowing pools, pouring liquids and similar effects that can be incorporated within professional programs, such as Max, Maya, and Cinema4D. These pre-built scene sets allow you to quickly place realistic moving water elements into your work, or you may use them in stand-alone fashion as a guide to your own Realflow creations. You don’t have to spend hours tweaking a simulation to get it right, and you don’t have to grapple with special technical issues. You don’t need specially trained staff. The work has been done for you, and at a very reasonable price.

If you want to know what legal uses you may make of a product purchased here, please read the following document.
User License Agreement And Copyright Notice

Essentially, you may use any of the products here in renders or images, games, videos or movies. But you may not re-sell the products to anyone else, and you may not publish a creation in which the original model is accessible by anyone who did not purchase it themselves. The copyright for each product belongs only to the original author of the model or scene file.