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Maxwell Render Materials

In Image by Forester

Now in the Store are a reasonably large number of specialty Maxwell Render Materials for liquids.

There is a special material set that displays the streams of air that entrain with water sheets flowing over rough-edged objects. These materials also have displacements, so that small elevations occur in the water surface wherever streams of air are entrained. The displacements allow the entrained air streams to be accurately viewed from any angle.

There are more than twenty water materials that have small tinges of blue or green or rose colors in them. These are useful for sunrise and sunset scenes, for scenes where you may want to pick up a small trace of the color in surrounding objects, or for scenes where the waterbody will have multiple colors in the water. For example, a jungle cataract may have a mixture of green and brown waters, or a sea may have a mixture of blue and green waters. Almost all of these materials are provided free of charge.

There is a foam package that has five different foam states in sub-surface scattering format.

All of these materials are designed to render very rapidly. In most cases, render times are identical to the render times for any other Maxwell Render water material. The subsurface foams may increase render times by about an additional 20-percent, but no more than that.

(Special installation and use instructions are provided for Realflow users.)