Cabernet Sauvignon Pour 2


Here are two highly contrasted kinds of pouring models for the Cabernet Sauvignon wine that differ fromt the first model product.

In this model set, one pour models a conventional, relatively slow but full pour of the wine into a Cabernet Sauvignon glass. The wine half fills the glass, but still has an interesting splash form filled with light and shadow.

In the second model, the pour has started with a half empty bottle, and the pouring bottle has been rotated during the pour, to also rotate the stream of wine filling the glass. This very interesting pour is just beginning to fill the glass.

The glass shape used here is the oversized bell-shaped glass, typical of modern restaurants.



This Cabernet Sauvignon Pour set consists of three bottles of wine (two open and one sealed with a wine object inside),  two glasses glass and two different versions of the wine pouring from the bottle into each glass. Each wine bottle has individual components for the bottle, the label and the foil top. The full, sealed bottle of wine is included in the set to allow for a complete product render if desired. The subcomponents of  the wine bottles make it easy to assign or edit the individual materials as you need in order to create the highest possible quality render for your purposes.

In these renders, the wine is of medium age and has a brighter color than a long-aged Cabernet, which would be darker in hue.

The product is available in MAX /V-Ray with versions for Maya (*.ma), *.obj and *.vob coming soon.

The MAX scene file includes a light stage,lights,  camera and custom V-Ray materials for this particular wine and glass set.

The renders shown here are created in MAX and V-Ray