Cascade 1


A relatively simple waterfall cascade splashing onto a set of boulders.

The waterfall includes the boulder (stone) set, a water component, and a foam component.

You should apply a water material and a foam material to the individual components that are appropriate for your software or rendering engine. The boulders are UV-mapped.

This model is currently available in *.obj file format. Apologies, the MAX/V-Ray version will not be available until mid-July.


Cascade 1 is a moderate velocity cascade, suitable for almost any wildland setting. The waterfall form is like lace.

This waterfall also can be used in some urban plaza settings. You will need an additional pool or water source at a high level, plus a receiving pool or basin structure for the base of the waterfall. In an urban setting, the fine texture – lace-like quality of the waterfall makes an excellent night scene when illuminated by appropriate lighting.

This product includes the water cascade, a separate foam layer, and the rocks at the base of the cascade.