Cataract 5


This medium sized waterfall cataract can be used in either a natural setting, or in an urban setting.

The cataract is made in four pieces, each of which can given a slightly different material.  (The four sections are shown in one of the four-color images below.) Typically, the main flow of the cataract would have the most foam and be the most white in color. The lower skirt area where the water has impacted a pond or river surface also would be very white in color. The center piece might be less white, moving into a more normal water color, while the wing area on either side would be almost completely clear water color.

The boulders are included in the package.

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Waterfall cataract 5 is a high resolution, multi-part waterfall that can be used in either a natural setting, such as a jungle or boral forest, or it can be used in an urban setting as shown in one of the pictures here.

This waterfall will provide a sense of action to an otherwise static image, as the flow is quite vigorous.

The waterfall can take four different foam or water materials as it is divided into four pieces according to velocity.

The center or main piece should be given an intense white color as this is where most of the liquid is dense foam.

Normally, the skirt of the waterfall also should be given a strong white material.  The droplets of water have impacted some lower surface, such as a pond or river section and have bounced a little, also giving them great velocity and a more foamy composition.

The water droplets and foam sections immediately to either side of the main flow are reducing in velocity, and their material can be some mixture of foam and water, typically less white than the center flow.

Typically, the water droplets to the furthest sides of the main flow have slowed the most and lost some of their foamy nature. These should be given a strong and glittering or very shiny/reflective water color material.

The boulders are included in the package and these are UV mapped. They can be assigned any stone texture, although one stone diffuse (color) map texture is included in the package.


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