Cheese – Cheese Utensils


High resolution, photo realistic models of cheeses, artisan bread and utensils that can be used to supplement a scene of wine bottles, glasses or pouring wine.

These are ready-to-render models in Max-Vray, Maxwell Render and *.obj file formats. The Maxwell Render models can be imported into Realflow scenes, so that Realflow can be used as a stand-alone to create product adverts.


The Cheese – Cheese Utensils models are very high resolution, photo-realistic models that can be positioned in a number of ways to complete wine-pouring scenes.

The models are UV mapped and fully textured in Max/Vray, Maxwell Render and *.obj file formats.

There are fourteen models in this group. The olives are individual items that can be re-positioned in other types of containers. Other models of cheese, artisan breads and various types of crackers in these three file formats are available upon request.

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