Concave Rain Sheetflow Basin


Mesh model of a slightly circular “rainfall” type of waterfall into a shallow rectangular basin. This is a “drop in” waterfall basin often used in an arch-viz rendering of the approach to a custom-designed house, or at the rear of a house near a swimming pool. It could be used in a garden setting as well.

The waterfall flows from an industry standard concave stainless blade with a 30-degree curvature.

The water falls into a shallow rectangular basin at medium velocity, where it creates a little foam at the point of impact and ripples the pool water.

Here, the basin and the backplate are formed from modern concrete and the metal blade is chromed, but any textures could be applied to the components of this model.

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This Concave Rain Sheetflow Basin model is available in *.obj, MAX and MAYA file formats. The model consists of the basin and backplate structure, the stainless steel sheetflow blade, the clear water component of the waterfall and pool and the foam foot.

Each component is UV mapped and can be given any desired texture. The modern formed concrete texture (diffuse, bump and AO files) is included. You will want to apply the clear water, foam and metal materials appropriate for your rendering engine.

Because of the necessarily large amount of detail in the “rain” type of waterfall and the rippled pool surface at point of impact, the mesh model has 42,000 polygons. For distance views, you should use a polygon reduction on the clear water component of the model.

If you cannot make this polygon reduction yourself, I will be happy to do it for you, and can provide the model in other file formats as well.

Please note that the model also is available in customizable animated form as a Realflow scene file elsewhere in the Store. A preview quality version of this animation is shown to the left.


Preview Quality version of the Concave Rain Sheetflow Basin Realflow Scene at medium height and speed. Available in the Realflow section of the Store.

Concave Rain Sheetflow Basin - Preview Quality

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