Concrete Overflow Basin 1 Scene


A deliberately simple concrete fountain designed to fit within a wide variety of settings. Water flows down a fluted concrete inset in a shallow arc to the flat pebbles below. The water empties into a flat drain beneath the pebbles and then is recycled up into the basin.

Sometimes, you have an unusual landscape, such as a slope or terrain that is difficult to fill with a conventional object. This fountain can be placed within a hill area or multi-tiered landscape to fill the scene. (An example of a difficult landscape filled with this kind of fountain is shown in the last picture.)  Other times, you may have special plant to which you wish to draw attention. The fountain’s front panel can show off a sculpted plant or it can be surrounded by medium-sized plants. In a third circumstance, you may have a building or small plaza scene with strong rectangular lines, and you need a fountain to complement those lines. This is the fountain for you.

The scene animation lasts for 200 frames, but you can extend this length for as long as you wish. See the extended product description for more details. Click on the magnifying glass for a better view of the fountain, and look at the two videos below.



The Concrete Overflow Basin 1 Scene is a relatively simple Realflow scene. The scene consists of the basin and pebble objects. A single Dyverso emitter fills the basin at the top until it overflows the basin.

Water flowing over the basin lip makes a short downward arc. The shape of this arc is created by giving the Gravity setting a higher than normal value. You can control the outward reach of the arc by making adjustments of the Gravity and Speed settings.

The “natural” speed of the flowing water is shown in the two videos presented here. You can adjust the speed of the waterflow by changing the Speed setting, or better yet, by “re-timing” the simulation. Re-timing is a better approach for this waterfall, since it does not change the arc of the flow from the basin lip to the bottom pebbles. If you do want to change the arc of the waterflow, we have made portions of the pebbles into independent objects so that they can be spread out to catch the flow.

The Realflow scene includes a complete set of Maxwell Render materials for the basin, bronze bars and the pebbles. (Plants are shown only for purposes of illustration – they are not included.)

The scene length can be extended to as many frames as is desired.

Please look at the two videos under the Video tab that show this fountain’s waterflow from two different angles.

Preview-Quality Concrete Overflow 1

Preview-Quality Concrete Overflow 2

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