Concrete Overflow Fountain


A deliberately simple fountain shape designed to fit within a wide variety of settings.

Sometimes, you have an unusual landscape, such as a slope or terrain that is difficult to fill with a conventional object. This fountain can be placed within a hill area or multi-tiered landscape to fill the scene. (An example of a difficult landscape filled with this kind of fountain is shown in the last picture.) Other times, you may have special plant to which you wish to draw attention. The fountain’s front panel can show off a sculpted plant or it can be surrounded by medium-sized plants. In a third circumstance, you may have a building or small plaza scene with strong rectangular lines, and you need a fountain to complement those lines. This is the fountain for you.

The fountain consists of the concrete basin with weathered bronze metal bars, the waterfall and the stones at the waterfall base. All elements are very high resolution.

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The Concrete Overflow Fountain is a high resolution model that looks great in modern Physically Based Rendering programs, such as Maxwell Render, Arnold and others.

The model is available in *.obj, MAX/V-Ray, Vue and Maxwell Render file formats.

All components of the model set are UV-mapped. The basin has been specially UV-mapped to handle a moss-bottomed concrete texture. Each version of the model comes with a complete texture package that includes diffuse, normal and other kinds of maps. We provided some alternative concrete and old weathered bronze textures in the texture packages.

We have a full set of Maxwell Render materials for you, if needed. Alternative UV mapped versions for other kinds of moss-bottom concrete or rock textures are readily available upon request.

We can also provide original plants and stones for this fountain at a nominal charge.

There is a Realflow scene version of this fountain in the Store. A video, shown under the next tab to the right displays the fountain in action.

Preview-Quality Video Of This Fountain In Action

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