Corks And Corkscrews


Do you need photo-realistic props for your wine product adverts or illustrations?

Are you a Realflow user who needs to make product advert renders directly within Realflow?

Individual models from this high resolution set can be used to supplement a scene focused on wine bottles, glasses or pouring wine.

This model set comes in a wide variety of file formats, including as a Maxwell Render scene set. More conventional file formats include *.obj, *.fbx and *.max.


The Corks and Corkscrews is one thematic set of very high resolution models for professional product renders. One or more of these supplementary items can add color and/or a sense of completion to a product scene without taking focus away from a wine bottle or glass.

The models are UV-mapped and textured (including normal maps where appropriate) and come in a wide variety of file formats. (You can choose the model set in the formats you need upon purchase.) You may request file formats not shown here. I’ll try to get them as I can.

Special Note: The professional corkscrew, in this particular set has individual components so that it can be posed in an open, closed or semi-open position.

The render shown here is a Maxwell Render image