Crouching Aphrodite Models


The Crouching Aphrodite statue, a lovely image of Aphrodite crouching near a stream’s edge to take her bath,  appears repeatedly in Roman and later in old southern European fountains. Several versions of Aphrodite crouching by a stream have been made – this one is the first discovered and oldest known Roman statue of this kind.

The statue has since been copied and placed in several kinds of fountain basins – these are found throughout the world in private collections and in several large public gardens in Europe and the United States. This particular fountain basin is rectangular, and Aphrodite has been placed along the long rear edge in order to suggest that she is crouching at a stream’s edge. The fountain’s water pours chiefly from the clay pot at one side of Aphrodite, spreads out on the surface of the small raised platform, and then spills over and down into the rectangular basin.

There is a low resolution, and medium resolution and a high resolution version of this fountain. For all three versions, the Aphrodite statue and the basin are two separate pieces, as are the water and foam pieces. You may use only the Aphrodite statue, if you wish, placing it into a basin shaped to better suit your needs. If you need a custom-shaped basin to fit a particular architecture, I can provide that and the water flows to suit that shape. For a small fee, of course.

All versions of the Aphrodite and the basin models are UV mapped, as are the water flow and foam components of these models.

Click on the Magnifying Glass icon for a more detailed view.

Please see the Details section below for further description of the high, medium and low resolution models.




The Crouching Aphrodite Models come in “Medium Resolution,” and “High Resolution” versions for the *.obj file format. For the MAX/V-Ray version, the 3d fountain model comes in high resolution only.

The “High Resolution” model set has two alternative texture sets for the statue itself. One set consists of two very large diffuse image files with every weathering effect incorporated in them. The second set has the travertine texture (diffuse, normal, bump and ambient occulsion maps) shared with the water basin.  The large weathered texture set ise displayed on the darker image of the Aphrodite statue, and the travertime texture is shown on the lighter version of the statue.

The water elements of the High Resolution model consist of a four high pieces. There is water flowing from the clay jar onto the top of the pedestal, the foam for this area, the clear rippling water surface of the pool, and the foam splash for the pool surface.  The “High Resolution” model set is intended for close-up view.

The “Medium Resolution” model set provides the travertine texture file set, and lacks the very large weathered texture files. However, the base model of the Aphrodite statue includes the large pitted surface details, so with the travertine or any texture file applied, the statue will still look “weathered by time.” The four water elements described above for the “high resolution” version have less detail, and are presented in smaller file sizes.

The Store also has a Realflow Scene for this model where the water fountain flows are fully animated and can be customized to suit your needs. Look for that in the Realflow Fountains section of the Store.