Small Splash Models


Here is a kit of six very small water splashes. These are high resolution models of the small splashes that would occur on normal water surfaces when very small objects, such as individual water drops, tiny pebbles or a person throws a ring into a pond.  The small splashes in this kit are designed to cover a range of needs. Some are entirely vertical – these would form with on object dropped straight down. Some are angled – these would form when an object is thrown into water at a small slant.

All six models render quickly and are intended for close-up imagery. These models are low enough in polygon count that several can be placed in the same scene if multiple splashes are needed. For example, you might need a close-up shot of rain falling onto a pool of water. These small splashes can be arranged around a surface with rain drop rings on it.

Double-click on any picture to expand the view and see the detail.



The Small Splash Models consist of  two semi-crown shaped splashes in classic vertical form with relatively even straight sides. The first of these has ten crown points that come to sharp points.

There are three other small splash models with tilted sides. These would be created if an object is thrown into water at a slight angle.

The sixth model has a rising dimple in the center, as is typical of a crown splash formed by a water drop falling onto a flat water surface.

All the models have depressed centers, some more than others. All but the sixth model can accommodate a small object placed into the center. Models 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 have circular bases formed of expanding rings. Model 3 has no base so that it can better display an object being thrown in the water at a small angle. (Removal of the circular base prevents any caustic reflections from completely obscuring the thrown object. This model should be placed on a flat surface.)

For the best image, place these models on a flat or slightly disturbed surface.