Crown Splashes Twelve Tip Set


This is a series of six Crown Splashes, all with twelve tips.  These are high resolution models of the kinds of splashes that would occur on normal water surfaces, that is, water surfaces with a very small amount of disturbance.

The six models vary in height, regularity of form, and in time. That is, some are caught early in the splash process, and others are caught a few seconds later.

Double-click on any picture to expand the view and see the detail.


The six Crown Splash models have circular bases formed of expanding rings.  For the best image, place these models on a flat or slightly disturbed surface.

All six models render quickly and are intended for close-up imagery. These models are low enough in polygon count that several can be placed in the same scene if multiple splashes are needed.

These models are available in *.MAX (with a clear water VRay material) and *.obj file formats. The images shown here are MAX renders.