Dancing Children 3D Fountain


Old Bronze Fountain with dancing children and dancing waters for a public plaza or a formal garden.

The Dancing Sprites Statue that sits on the California Street side of Huntington Park on the top of Nob Hill. It was donated to the city by Mrs. James Flood in 1942. It is owned by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Henri Léon Greber (1855-1941) was a French sculptor, and this work of his is a group of three nude children holding hands in a circle. A ribbon of cloth drapes around the children. They are dancing with legs uplifted. The bronze sculpture stands in the center of a round concrete base which is in the center of a fountain basin.

Fully UV mapped and available in MAX, OBJ and Vue file formats. The Max version has VRay 3.3 materials. The Vue version has Vue 15 materials.


The Dancing Children 3D Fountain consists of the statue, the basin with piping, the pool water and the fountain plumes.

The original model of the Dancing Sprites statue was developed from a photo scan. It was placed in the public domain in June 2015 by “Vegasuz” under the standard Creative Common License. (The original model may be used for commercial purposes.) The model of the children displayed here has been re-worked by Forester for purposes of incorporation in this fountain. It has been simplified to reduce the polygon count to a reasonable level, smoothed and UV mapped.

The Store also has a Realflow Scene for this model where the water fountain flows are fully animated and can be customized to suit your needs. Look for that in the Realflow Fountains section of the Store.

The MAX version uses V-Ray materials and will appear as shown in one of the images above.  There is an *.Obj version, and a Vue 15 Version.