Dancing Children Fountain Scene


An animated version of the The Dancing Sprites Fountain that sits on the California Street side of Huntington Park on the top of Nob Hill.

The statue was  made by Henri Léon Greber (1855-1941), a French sculptor.  This work of his is a group of three nude children holding hands in a circle. A ribbon of cloth drapes around the children. They are dancing with legs uplifted. The statue and fountain were donated to the city by Mrs. James Flood in 1942 and are owned by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

This Realflow scene has two separate water components. The first, lower resolution fluid emitter system controls the pool water and has optional splash features. The second emitter system provides higher resolution (more detailed) particles for the fountaining water streams. The height and length of these fountaining streams can be adjusted on an individual basis to suit your needs. The standard height is shown in most of the pictures below, but one of them displays a higher fountaining set. (Click on the pictures to bring up a larger display.)

User controls are —

  • The length and timing of the simulation ( you can extend this for as long as you like)
  • The height (and length) of the individual water plumes
  • The amount of splash immediately around the base of the statue
  • The amount of splash at the point of impact between the water plumes and the pool surface.



The Dancing Children Fountain Scene uses two energetic Dyverso Fluid Solvers, one for the pool water and one for the fountaining plumes. (See above description.)

The components of the Realflow simulation scene are shown in one of the images above.

All components of the fountain are fully UV mapped, so that you may apply materials of your own as needed to fit the fountain within your scene. A set of custom Maxwell Render materials is included in the file set for this fountain. You may use these for making renders or animations within Realflow, using the incorporated Maxwel Render lite program.

V-Ray materials for this fountain have been published in the static MAX model version of this scene, or you can have them immediately upon request.


Preview Quality Videos

Optional Changes In Pool Surface

Circling Camera View Of Fountain

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