Fountain Plumes Kit


A construction kit of six alternative fountain plumes, in both high and low resolution versions. The kit includes six alternative base splashes, plus the optional grey brick basin and basin pool water.

These plumes are available in *.obj file format. Apologies, the MAX/V-Ray version will not be available until mid-July.


Here are six different types of vertical fountain plumes in both high and low resolution versions, along with six base splashes for any of the plumes.

These plumes will look different, from different angles, so a single plume can be used several times within the same fountain without it being an obvious duplicate. The low resolution versions have fewer polygons and are better suited for a middle-distance or longer-distance image as they will render more quickly than the high resolution versions. (Ultra-high-resolution versions of these plumes are available for “hero” image purposes.) The splash bases also are alternatives to each other, and can be mixed and matched as desired.

These fountain plumes are provided for use in your own fountain. However, a simple flat grey-brick basin and a turbulent basin water model are included in this package as a possible convenience for you. As with other supporting models in this store, the basin is a high resolution model, UV-mapped and includes an appropriate seamless texture package consisting of diffuse, bump and normal maps.

Additional information

File Format


Polygon Count

"1,935,490 polygons"

Vertex Count

"343,563 vertices"

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"92.3 MB"