Free Pool With Breeze Ripple


Here is a simple shallow basin with a slight breeze rippling halfway across the pool surface.

This product is suitable for a quiet scene, especially one with early morning lighting or evening lighting.

The UV mapped basin is 6 x 16 in size, but is provided only as a convenience. Most people will want to incorporate the pool surface in their own work.

This simple package contains four versions of the pool surface, each with a different resolution. The lowest resolution surface is only 103 KB in size, but still displays a pretty good image of a small rippling breeze. One of these resolutions will be perfect for your work, even if you already have a tremendous amount of polygons in your scene.


This Free Pool With Breeze Ripple has a shallow 6 X 16 rectangular basin. The basin has downward sloping top edges. It is UV mapped and had a white marble texture.

Although this free pool surface has a single breeze pattern, there are four alternative surfaces, each with a different resolution.

  • The Very High Resolution Surface has 151, 348 Polygons, 76, 536 Vertices and is 26.2 MB in file size.
  • The High Resolution version has 15, 510 Polygons, 8, 036 Vertices and is 1.41 MB in file size.
  • The Medium Resolution version has 12, 741 Polygons, 6, 511 Vertices and is 1.14 MB in size.
  • The Low Resolution version has 1, 599 Polygons, 814 Vertices and is 103 KB (0.1 MB) in size.

This product is available in *.obj file format. MAX, Vue, Maya and C4D Versions will be available shortly.