Free Rainfall Short Sheetflow 3D Model


OK, we’re not going to pretend this is very low resolution model. But, it’s visually exciting,  yes?  And as low a resolution as we can make it without major distortion. Two versions, actually. A  high resolution and a pretty darn low resolution version.

Click on any picture for a more detailed view.

This model, free for the Arch Viz professional has a standard metal sheetflow blade, the water fall and the foam footsplash.



The Free Rainfall Short Sheetflow model comes in two resolutions – high resolution and a low resolution version.

Each of the models has three components: the options industry-standard stainless steel sheetflow blade, the waterfall and the foam splash foot.

Each of these three components can be given its own material.

These models are available in MAX/V-Ray, *.Obj and Vue file formats.


If you have the Realflow program, the full version, the student version or the monthly rental version, you could purchase the Essential Sheetflows Short Height package from this store and make as many versions of this model as you wish.