Free Realflow Fountain Scene



This is a simple but elegant fountain of flowing water with a nice, very natural “drape” shape to the falling water. You can see a simple “preview quality” video of the falling water in action by clicking on the tab below.

This introductory sample product consists of the entire Realflow 2015 scene file set. To use this product, you must have a copy of or access to the newest Realflow 2015 application.

This Scene consists of the fountain structure and the waterflows. The simulation begins with a set of cached particles that completely fill all the basins and form the water flowing down from the top, through each basin. The cached downward flows have been flowing for some time, to the point that they have taken on the final, stable shape of the water flow. (See the second illustration [Realflow Screen Capture] below for the position of the particles at the start of the simulation.) That is, the general drape of the falling water will not change through subsequent simulation steps. The remainder of the simulation is the standard 200 frames long, but you can extend the simulation for almost as long as you wish with no significant change to the shape of the waterflow. The lowest basin will merely fill a little more.

Two alternative custom Maxwell Materials are included for the fountain structure . The “Light Marble Material” his shown here, but there also is a finely-grained stone material that has a slight blue-green color that could be used in its place.

Please see a more complete description of the Realflow scene file below.