Free Realflow 2015 3D Fountain Model


This is a free static model version of a Realflow 2015 Fountain that uses the new Dyverso fluid emitter. Double-click on the pictures for a larger view.

The model is free, but you will need to go through the “purchase process” in order to access and download the model. (My apologies for this – there is no way to provide a direct download that bypasses the Store process.)

This model is available in *.obj, *.vob (Vue Version 11), Maya 2015 and MAX 2016 versions. The MAX version has VRay 3.30 materials assigned to the model.  You may request this model with Mental Ray materials, if you like. A Lightwave version is available if you request it. Select the version or versions you need during the “purchase” process.

Please see a more extended description below.


This 3D model of the Free Realflow 2015 Old European Fountain is made with Maya (for the marble fountain structure) and the new Dyverso Fluid Emitter for the fountain water. The velocity of this fountain is relatively low.  Because the velocity is somewhat slow, much of the water narrowly arcs down from the top to fit into the upper basin. The water then flows down to overfill the middle basin, and then to splash into the lowest basin with much of the splash around the square pedestal at the fountain’s base.

The new Dyverso fluids in Realflow 2015 are suitable for mid-scale liquids – they fill in a long-standing gap between Hybrido for large scale water simulations and the standard fluid for small scale projects such as drinking water, honey or wine.

The fountain water in this model was made with default settings for both the Dyverso liquid and for the new Particle Mesh VDB mesher.

The Realflow 2015 scene file, which is available in another section of the Store animates the flowing water, and allows for changes in water velocity.  If you have a copy of Realflow 2015, you will be able to apply wind to the fountain, noise and a large variety of  special effects. The flowing, splashing water is more finely defined than in the static model, and there is more detail in the lower pool surface.

The Realflow Scene Simulation for this model is shown below (that product page shows an preview animation of the scene).


Additional information

File Format

"MAX, Obj and Vue 15 Versions"

Polygon Count

"176, 290 polygons"

Vertex Count

"95, 678 vertices"

Zip File Size

"OBJ Version is 17.12 MB – Vue Version is 22.5 MB"