Winter Icicle Kit 20 Degree Slant

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A little Seasonal Item for you.

High resolution icicle construction kit for placing icicles on window frames or roof lines that have a 20-degree slant.

The kit consists of 12 icicle pieces and one weathered wooden beam, for reference purposes or just in case you need one. The icicles can be arranged in whatever fashion is needed, and they can be scaled to suit your scene demands.

Zero-degree (flat roof line) and 15-degree kits coming this weekend.

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The Icicle Kit 20 Degree Slant set consists of thirteen pieces. Eleven of these are icicles hanging from a wooden beam, roof or window edge that is slanted at 20 degrees. One of the pieces is a center piece hanging straight down, and the thirteenth piece is a weathered beam.

This is available in four file formats. The MAX file format has a V-Ray material assigned to the icicles, themselves, but any mental ray ice or glass can be substituted. The Maya and *.obj versions have a semi-transparent blue material applied to the icicles. You should substitute a material appropriate for your rendering engine. The Vue version is in Vue Version 11 file format. It has a simple icy material applied, but you can locate or create a better material, suitable for your specific scen requirements. The included weather beam has appropriate UV mapping and includes a large texture file.

If your roof needs are different, please note that a 15-Degree Icicle Kit is also available.

Anyone needing this in another format, just drop me a little request from the Contact page mailer.