Freeform Shapes For The White Wine Glass


Five splashing and sparkling freeform liquid shapes wrapping around a typical white wine glass. Each shape can be viewed at many angles and each conveys the zest of the white wine experience.

Each freeform shape is a very high resolution model – suitable for a wide range of lighting conditions and close-up viewing.

Click on any picture to expand it and view the splashing wine shape detail.


The shapes in this package are quite diverse. They range between a delicate, sparse wrap, a denser spray wrap and a dense liquid body wrap. All are lively and eye-catching at any viewing angle.

Although not recommended, these models certainly can be used to display red wines, simply by changing the color of the liquid materials.

The freeform shapes for the white wine glass package includes the five splashing shapes, plus a standard, very high resolution Pinot Grigio style wine glass and a separate small wine body for the inside of the glass. The models are currently available in *.obj file format – the MAX/Vray versions are expected soon.

The models shown here are rendered with Maxwell Render. A standard Maxwell Render glass material is used for the glass, and a custom wine material was applied to both the wine in the glass and the wine splash wrap. These materials are available free of charge.