Freeform Wine Swirls For The Cabernet Glass


If pouring wine for product renders has become cliche, try some of these eighteen wine glass swirls. These are designed to attract the eye and display the color of a wine in a visually interesting manner.

These eighteen (18) high resolution swirls fit into a standard Cabernet style wine glass. Any swirl can be viewed from multiple angles so the package contents can be used over and over again. Additionally, any of the high resolution swirls can be shown with a rotating camera to focus attention on the wine. A sample preview-quality video below demonstrates this.

The glass and swirl can be posed alongside a product wine bottle for advertisements.

Each swirl and glass is designed so that it can be featured in a variety of angles and lighting conditions.

Click on any picture to expand it and view the wine shape detail.


The freeform wine swirls for the cabernet glass package has eighteen high resolution swirls and includes the high resolution Cabernet wine glass. All the swirls are pre-positioned in the wine glass.

The models are available in *.obj, MAX-Vray and Maxwell Render scene file formats. Vray and Maxwell Render custom materials are included in their respective packages.

If you need a wine bottle prop, please request one using the “Contact Me” form. We have about thirty different wine bottle models available – free to anyone purchasing this or a similar product.

Preview Quality Wine Swirl 10

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