Garden Small Stone Pillar Fountain Scene


This simple garden fountain is formed of three stone pillars with water fountaining slowly from the tops of all three stones. The central pillar fountain shoots a little higher than the water slowly fountaining from the two lower pillars. The fountaining water spills down from the stone pillars onto a set of medium-sized rocks at the base of the fountain. Typically, this fountain would be set in a gravel bed and be surrounded by plants.

This is a very simple fountain – the only relevant user control is of the speed/height of the fountaining water. You can make this be lower, as shown in one of the pictures below, or somewhat higher if you like. There are independent speed/height controls for each of the three pillars.

Please click on one of the pictures to enlarge them and view the detail. Please look at the video below to see this small fountain in action.


The Garden Small Stone Pillar Fountain Scene is a very simple, inexpensive scene.

The small stone pillars are UV mapped, as are the medium-size stones. You may apply any materials you wish to the stones and to the copper spigot rings at the top of each stone pillar.

The medium-sized stones at the base of the fountain are individual objects. These can be textured as desired, they can be scaled, re-positioned or deleted as needed.

Because this is such a simple fountain, no extra documentation is included in the package. The speed and height of each fountain is controlled via the standard Realflow Emitter Speed setting for each fountain.

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