Garden Splash Fountain 1


A small vibrant splash fountain for a private garden or quiet area of a public setting.

The bricks or dressed stone making up the fountain can take any suitable material.

The water and foam pieces are individual, making possible the use of various materials and shaders for separate parts of the fountain.


Garden Splash Fountain 1 is a highly vibrant small fountain intended to add life and action to an otherwise quiet setting. The water in the fountain is splashing vigorously and is being tossed around by a breeze.

Although this is designed for a garden, it can be used in any public space setting, typically a quiet area.  In practice, this kind of small fountain is embedded in a mulched terrain or a small stone bedded area. The fountain would be embedded most of the way down through the first brick layer, so that the overall shape forms a cube of equal proportions.

The stone body, the interior basin and the spigot are separate pieces and can take different kinds of materials. The water pieces consist of the basin water, the water fountain emitted from the spigot and the splashing foam. These also can be given different materials to add a sense of action or vigor to the fountain.

Additional information

File Format

"OBJ and Max versions available"

Polygon Count

"69, 155 polygons"

Vertex Count

"36, 049 vertices"

Zip File Size

"2.30 MB"