Waterfall Sheetflow Collection


Ten very high resolution  sheet-type waterfalls for use in making your own waterfall structures for building interiors.

The ten sheetflows differ in height and width, and also in smoothness. Some are disturbed by small breezes, while others are relatively quiet.

All have feet for basins. One example of a waterfall and its structure is shown in the picture set.

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A collection of ten (10) waterfalls to incorporate in your own interior architectural structures.

These types of sheetflow waterfalls are used in the interiors of buildings as an aesthetic focal point, and they provide some natural ambient noise.

The ten sheetflows are of different widths and heights – some are quite large and one is relatively small.

The sheetflows also vary in terms of the amount of breeze or air current flowing across the sheet. Some are falling in undisturbed air, but others reflect a small or a medium amount of breeze.

This collection of models is available in MAX/V-Ray and *.obj file formats currently. Other formats are being uploaded…..

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"1, 980, 552 polygons"

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"990,296 vertices"

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