Japanese Garden Waterfall 2 Scene


For landscape design artists, a relatively large photo-realistic waterfall animation for a Japanese or “natural environment” style garden.

This is a vigorously flowing waterfall with foam, falling from an upper pool at a medium-to-large height. Iris plants in these images give the general scale of the waterfall, although this design can be scaled down to fit well within a smaller setting.

Typically, this kind of waterfall is set into a earthen bank at the back of a Japanese garden and would be surrounded by trees, large and small plants. The waterfall would be a focal point for the garden – the water would flow into a semi-large pool or basin at the base of the garden. (Click on the associated pictures – you'll see three reference images of a fully planted gardens with this kind of waterfall.)

The Realflow scene is of a continuously flowing waterfall that shines brightly against planted greenery and provides flashes of light and movement in the garden. The waterfall structure is designed to make inset into any landscape design as easy as possible. The model set includes support banks ready to receive plants, and there are deliberate knooks and crannies for plantings spaced among the large and small boulders.


Japanese Garden Waterfall 2 Scene consists of the Realflow water and foam elements, a set of 31 very high resolution boulders and stones, and three moveable concrete bank support structures.

All the structural pieces are individuals, so that the overall waterfall structure can be adjusted or re-configured as necessary to better fit within any landscape design.

All pieces are UV mapped and come with high resolution textures and shaders for the *.obj, Max-Vray, Maxwell Render and Realflow file formats.

The Realflow scene (Realflow Version 10) is made with the Dyverso simulation solver. Water from the stone basin at the top of the waterfall becomes foamy where it contacts the stone boulders or the pool below. Over time, the foam dissipates as it would in the real world. Because this is a vigorous waterfall, the foam is somewhat thin and scattered, as it would be in the real world. It contributes greatly to the sparkle of the moving water without overwhelming the waterflow.

A key feature of this waterfall scene is that the pool at the bottom is unstructured, so that you can flow the water into a pond, pool or basin of your own design. The water at the base of the waterfall then will conform and react to the outlines of your own pool.

The Realflow scene has an animation length of 200 frames, but the simulation can be extended or shortened to be as long as you wish. You can control the vigor and outward arc of the waterfall through simple tweaks of the emitter Speed control.

Click on the magnifying glass icon for a better view of this photo-realistic waterfall.

A still mesh model of this Realflow Scene is available in the Store, should you need only the non-moving version of this Scene.