Japanese Pond 1


This pond shape is designed to provide a good view from any angle, making multiple views possible.

The pond has three alternative pool surfaces. One has natural detail around each of the four pre-positioned sets of stones that reflects greater surface tension in those areas. The second surface has some subtle ring formation detail, and the third has a little more enhanced ring formation detail typical of the kind that would occur if fish, insects  or other living creatures have disturbed the water.

Eleven sculpted stones typical of a Japanese pond are included in the package.

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Japanese Pond 1 is a simple pond whose curves are designed to allow an interesting view from many angles.

There are three alternative water surfaces for this pond. Each of these has built-in caustic patterns that display when both top and bottom surfaces can receive light from your rendering engine. That is, the bottom of the pond water objects are currently positioned just above the bottom surface of the stone pond structure. When you wish a natural caustic pattern to appear in the render, leave the pond water in its pre-positioned location. But, if you are making a night light or afternoon scene where the sun’s rays would natural slant across the pond surface at a semi-acute angle, you can lower the water object a small amount to push the bottom below the pond structure so that all the surface detail occupies the render.

The depth of the pond water surface objects can be scaled upward to make a deeper pool without changing the appearance of the water. This is useful if you are placing koi, carp, other fish or aquatic plants in the pond.

Eleven stones are included in the package – these can be placed in the pond and grouped in any way desired for your scene. The stones and the pond stone structure can be given any texture or material you please.  The pond stone structure is designed so that its height can be easily adjusted upward or downward in any model-building application.

Please note that as a convenience for our customers, three small packages of inexpensive medium-resolution koi are available for purchase for use in the pond.

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