Kneeling Woman Basin Scene


In the 19th Century, as in the earlier Greek and Roman eras, statues of Aphrodite or Venus kneeling for a bath became very popular. Usually, the women are nude, but this French version features a semi-nude with cloth drape. These kinds of fountains are found in formal and private gardens, and sometimes in small public plazas.

This simple, inexpensive fountain needs few user controls or adjustment. The flowing water at the woman’s waist can be made more or less dense, and more or less turbulent. The impact of the water in the basin pool can be made more or less vigorous.

The Realflow scene is the standard 200 steps, but can be extended as needed.


This Kneeling Woman Basin Scene is very simple and need no real documentation. The water feature is made from two Dyverso water particle emitters – one for the pool and one for the small waterfall. The water flowing from the bowl at the woman’s waist is more dense and detailed than the water in the large basin pool.

A Noise Daemon rests at the point of impact between the falling water and the pool water. The Noise Daemon creates some disturbance in the pool water. Both the amount of disturbance and its spatial extent can be adjusted as desired.

In the pictures with blue backgrounds, a very fine Schist (stone) Maxwell Render Material is applied to the statue and basin. This custom material is included in the file set, along with similar V-Ray materials. In the daylight-garden scenes, a very fine grey-pebbled texture has been applied to demonstrate the variety of materials that could be applied to the statue.

Two different views of the water basin

Preview of Kneeling Woman Basin - IBL View

Morning Light View Of Kneeling Woman

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