Z Koi Package 2


Here are six koi, of the kind most commonly found in garden pools in Japan, Europe and the United States. In actuality, there are fourteen individual models in this package, and these koi are pre-posed in straight swimming, curved body and both closed and open-mouth modes. There are enough koi in this package to populate a typical garden pool or pond scene.

These are simple medium-resolution models of four types of koi with accurate paint patterns in diffuse and bump texture maps.

Please download or open this document for more information about these koi.    Koi Package 2 Background Information



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Koi Package 2 contains six typical koi, pre-arranged in several body shape positions. These are a tiger-colored Showa( a different painting than the Showa in Koi Package 1), the Tancho Sanke with black and red patches, a white and orange Kohaku ( a different painting than the Kohaku in Koi Package 1), the Platinum colored Ogon, a Kujaku with orange patches and the dark red Bengoi.

These koi are medium resolution/quality models, as they are intended only for placement in a water body and expected to be viewed in medium distance or far view. That is, these are not “hero” models designed for close-up view.

Here is a small document in *.pdf format that describes these particular koi in a little more detail. Koi Package 2 Background Information

If you need one or a set of high resolution koi, either pre-posed or in a form capable of animation or posing in a model-building program, please send me a note via the form on the Contact page. A set of high resolution koi typically costs around $40.00 USD.