Z Koi Package 3


This is a package of five uncommon, relatively exotic koi. They will round out your collection of koi models. The model package contains fifteen (15) models so that the five koi can be seen in different swimming positions, and with both close and open-mouthed modes.

These are simple medium-resolution models of four types of koi with accurate paint patterns in diffuse and bump texture maps.

Please download or open this document for more information about these koi.   Koi Package 3 Background Information

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In general, there are twelve to fifteen varieties of koi, although more are being hybridized. Koi Package 3 contains five of the most modern, rare and spectacular types.

This package has a Shushi Asagi in white body with orange and black markings on the upper body. There is a white and yellow Doitsu Haiwake which is very rare. There is a gold Kin Kikokuryu that has a metallic scales, orange and black patches. The silver Yamato Nishiki with red patches and black stripes is rare but very popular. And the package contains the beautiful shiny black Ogon with silver or white fin tips that is known as “Hajiro.”

Descriptions of these fish, their history and a typical pond setting for them can be read here.  Koi Package 3 Background Information

If you need one or a set of high resolution koi, either pre-posed or in a form capable of animation or posing in a model-building program, please send me a note via the form on the Contact page. A set of high resolution koi typically costs around $40.00 USD.

A set of normal maps which would better display the scales of the koi are available upon request, after purchase.