Lakewood Sign


A relatively simple sign kit for the street entrance to a housing development, industrial park, public park, or almost any business.

The sign kit has two stone signboards and basins. In the basins, there are twelve different medium resolution fountain plumes, twelve foam bases for the fountain plumes, and two basin water bodies. Because these kinds of signs are often viewed from a distance, the plumes and basin water surfaces are relatively low resolution, in order to reduce the polygon count and speed renderings of the basins.

This is a sign “kit” – the plumes and foam bases can be mixed and matched, or re-arranged as needed.

This model is currently available in *.obj file format. Apologies, the updated MAX/V-Ray version will not be available until mid-July.


The Lakewood Sign kit can be used, either with the included medium resolution fountain plumes, or with other, higher resolution water plumes and fountain elements.

The basins are UV mapped, although in two different ways so that the stone material does not seem to be the same on both pieces. A seamless blue-grey stone texture set is included – it has diffuse, bump and specular maps. No normal map is included because the stone is meant to be smooth.

The sign letterings are independent objects so that you may replace it with your own signage.

The fountain plumes may be re-arranged to form clusters, or re-scaled, as needed.

Additional information

File Format


Polygon Count

"535, 944 polygons"

Vertex Count

"302, 485 vertices"

Zip File Size

12.82 MB"