Modern Cubic Fountain Scene


This is a scene of water flowing from three portions of a simple tiered concrete fountain into a fourth lower basin. The water is flowing across simple semi-rusted metal spouts. The overall design of this relatively simple cast concrete fountain is very modern.

The water can flow in a calm fashion, but the included Optional Noise Daemon can make the water lively and interesting, both in the tallest flow, and through all the basins. The second and third images below (click on them to open them in larger view) are shown with the noise daemon functioning in moderate fashion.) You can control the amount of noise, the location and/or the radius of effect of the daemon to produce any amount of turbulence in the water flows that you might like.

The simulation is the standard 200 steps in length, but can be extended endlessly, or as long as you like.  A kill-Age daemon is used to remove particles more than 100 simulation steps in age, so the water will flow as endlessly as you like.  The scene file includes a separate file of the appropriate Maxwell Render materials. The Maxwell water material used in the scene is a special material with caustics (See Pictures 2 and 3).

You can see a “preview-quality” view of the simulation sequence by clicking on the Video tab below.   Documentation for this scene is available to everyone  Scene Documentation



The flowing water in the Modern Cubic Fountain Scene for Realflow 2015 makes use of the Dyverso Fluid Solver. This particular solver is very fast, both in execution of the simulation and in creating the meshes of each particle stream step.

Scene objects have three special Maxwell Render Materials applied to them so that they will display properly either test renders or for full product renders (including animation) within Realflow. Three alternative  concrete materials are provided, as is a rusty iron material for the metal spouts. There is a special caustic-enabled clear water material for all the water in the fountain. (A Realflow standard Maxwell ocean water material with foam is included if you wish foam to appear at contact surfaces.) These Maxwell Materials are located in a clearly labeled separate file within the Scene set of files.  The model is fully UV mapped so you may apply any texture files you wish to the fountain.

The simulation starts with a pre-made, pre-positioned cache of particles in all the fountain’s basin, and the small waterfalls are fully formed.

Typical scene demons (gravity, drag forces, kill_Age) are present, but an Optional Noise daemon is included and positioned at the bottom of the tallest water flow. This daemon allows to you to add variable amounts of turbulence to the water to make the flows more interesting, if you wish. You can control the amount of noise (that is, turbulence), re-position the noise daemon, or use a radius effect to control where the turbulence occurs.

A typical scene camera and a mesh creation function are present. The mesh creation function has settings which give a good water appearance to the flows and the basin pools.

The simulation is 200 steps long, but uses a continual feed of particles and a killAge function that removes the particles when they are 150 steps “old.” This means that the scene length can be extended for as long a period of time as you wish.

This scene file is a complete Realflow 2015 scene. Either you can render the scene within Realflow, or you can import the water fountain and flowing water objects in any program which supports this via the Realflow plugins. These plugins are available for Autodesk MAX, Maya, Cinema4D and Lightwave at the Next Limit website.

The Realflow scene set also includes the very high resolution fountain model in *.obj file format, along with high quality textures. You can use these to make high quality still images, or high quality animations within any of the modeling programs listed just above.

Here is a 120 frame sequence of the water flowing in the Modern Cubic Fountain.  This 800 x 600 preview was made with the Maxwell Render facility within Realflow 2015 at 70-percent quality.

Close Preview Of Cubic Fountain Water Flow

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