Modern Dancers Fountain Scene


Dancing Life! A tall fountain when you need a lively sense of action, pleasing form and a celebration of water.

Three abstract dancers with water fountaining up between them and smaller fountains at their base. The small base fountains produce a small amount of foam.

Click on the Magnifying Glass for a more detailed view of the fountain.


The Modern Dancers Fountain Scene is a complex Dyverso solver fountain with four plumes of water rising tall among the dancers and many small fountains bubbling at the base.

There are four Dyverso elements: one for the pool of water, one for the small fountains at the base, one for the four large fountains between the dancers, and a fourth for foam.

Two Filter Deamons convert the base fountain waters to foam that rises to the pool top, and then converts the foam back to water after a short time. A kill-Age Deamon allows the fountain to run indefinitely without overflowing the basin. That is, for as many frames as you need.

You can control –

The height and the vigor of the four fountains between the dancers,
The height and the vigor of the small fountains at the base of the dancers,
The amount of foam generated within the basin pool.
You also can control the number of fountains between the dancers and at the base of the dancers, adding more or less as you wish.
You can control the speed of the fountain, and the length of the animation.

The basin and statues of the Modern Dancers Fountain Scene are completely UV mapped and can take any texture. A complete set of Maxwell Render materials are included in the Realflow file set so that you may render the fountain animation or still directly within Realflow.