Old Euro Fountain 3 Scene


A smooth fossil stone fountain with five alternative finials (fountain tops), surrounded by bubbling jets of water. The fountain has four upward jets of water in the top basin and another four, slightly larger jets of water in the bottom basin. The water is splashing in very lively fashion in the basin, sparkling water droplets surround the fountain and some splash over the sides.

This is a Dyverso fountain with simple controls for the speed (height) of the eight water jets.

A video showing the splashing of the water jets in shown below. This video also demonstrates the effect of changing the speed, and therefore the height of the water jets.


A special feasture of the Old Euro Fountain 3 Scene is that it comes with five alternative “finials” – fountain tops. One is a classic “pineapple.” One is a twisted “flame.” One is a ball spire. One is a hummingbird sculpture. The last is a lamp top with glass and internal light cylinder. Each of these is UV mapped and has the polished fossil stone texture applied to the body of the finial. Each finial has the pivot point located at the base, so the final may be rescaled if desired. The fountain model is packaged with the classic pineapple top. The four alternative finials are in a separate downloadable package in the *.obj file format.

The fountain structure is UV mapped and each version comes with the EuraGem fossil standstone texture. Of course, you may subsitute any texture of your choice.

There is a static model version of this Realflow scene.

Additional information

File Format

"OBJ", "Max/Vray", "Maxwell Render Scene", "Maya", "Vue"

Zip File Size

"11 MB"

Polygon Count

"257, 368 polygons"

Vertex Count

"128, 947 vertices"