Old European Fountain 1 Scene


This is a classic carved marble fountain of old French style whose water flows mostly from the tall top into a middle level basin. Most of the water interest for this fountain is in the upper portion of the fountain. A small amount of water reaches the lower basin, and just a very small amount spills onto the ground.

The water for this fountain has a relatively fine level of detail to correspond to the level of detail in the carved marble.

User Controls –

  • You can refine the level of detail of and the amount of water in the fountain to suit your needs.
  • You can adjust the density (size) of the individual water particles.
  • The simulation is long – it runs for 600 steps, but you can adjust the length of the simulation to suit your needs.
  • You can adjust the timing of the simulation to make the water appear to flow more quickly or more slowly.

The simulation uses the more energetic particles of the new Dyverso Solver, and begins with a set of cached particles that form the full shape of the fountaining water.  The overall shape and drape of the fountain will not change during the life of the simulation.




The flowing waters in the Old European Fountain 1 Scene make use of the Dyverso Fluid Solver with two particle emitters – both of which are set to provide a relatively high level of resolution detail. The fountain is UV mapped and comes with a marble texture file. Of course, you may subsitute your own marble texture, or use one of the Maxwell Render Materials.

The components of the Scene simulation are shown in the “Components Diagram” image above.

The amount of flowing water, and the level of resolution are adjusted by changing the single control of the level of fluid resolution for the Dyverso Domain. A higher resolution value will create more water particles and display a higher level of resolution. The size of the water droplets is sparately adjustable by changing a setting in the Particle Mesher. These two settings give you very fine control over the “look” of the water.

Because the particles of the Dyverso Fluid Solver are natively very energetic, the fountain structure has been given a scale of 2X, relatively to the scale of the particles and the daemons in the scene. The Gravity function has the standard (default) settings. A Drag_Force Daemon is placed into the scene and given a very small (less than the default) value to help provide the most natural drape shape to the falling water. You may adjust the values to make slight alterations in the drape of the falling water to suit your scene requirements. No Noise or other types of daemons are required.

A 120 frame 720 x 480 preview-quality video of the Old European Fountain 1 Scene

Retimed to be slower than normal

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