Old European Fountain 2 Scene


This is a two-tier marble fountain of with simple, clean lines.  The water shoots upward from the classic “pineapple” at the top of the fountain, flows downward into a small basin at the top, and from there into a larger, lower basin.  The water is piped up again from the lower basin and does not flow to the floor.

The water for this fountain has a relatively fine level of detail.

User Controls –

  • You can make the flow from the upper to the lower tier be more uniform or be more variable (“turbulent”).
  • You can adjust the drape of flow to make it fall straight below to the lower fountain, or flow outward more widely before falling into the lower fountain.
  • You can adjust the height of the water shooting upward from the “pineapple” top knot of the marble fountain.
  • The simulation runs for 200 steps, but you can extend the length of the simulation to suit your needs.
  • You can adjust the timing of the simulation to make the water appear to flow more quickly or more slowly.

The simulation uses the more energetic particles of the new Dyverso Solver, and begins with a set of cached particles that form the full shape of the fountaining water. The fountain is shown here first with a grey schist stone material, and second, with a white marble texture. V-Ray Materials and Maxwell Render Materials are included in the file set.




The water flow of the Old European Fountain 2 Scene make use of the Dyverso Fluid Solver, but uses the SPH particle type. This is a good way to provide a relatively high level of detail in the waters of the fountain while retaining the vigor of the Dyverso fluids.

There are two Daemons in the Realflow Scene that are used to adjust the shape of the falling water.  A Noise Daemon is used to change the falling water from a very uniform pattern to a more irregular (turbulent) pattern.The more irregular the pattern, the more the falling water appears in individual streamers. The pattern of falling water is changed by a single setting in the Noise Daemon.

A Drag_Force Daemon is used to change the overall “drape” shape to the falling water, and to control the height of the water shooting upward from the pineapple top knot of the fountain. You may adjust the values to make slight alterations in the drape of the falling water to suit your scene requirements.

The fountain is UV mapped and comes with both a tan marble texture file, and a Maxwell Render shist stone material. Of course, you may subsitute your own marble texture.

Two different views of the Old European 2 Fountain Scene with variable flow pattern

Front view of the fountain flow

Closer, ortho view of the fountain flow

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