Old Marble Plinth Fountain Scene


A rough cut, weathered marble plinth with bronze or copper basin and plume-type fountain.

The plume fountain is vigorous. Both the plume and the bronze basin catch sunlight and cast interesting shadows, thereby catching the eye of the viewer. But the simple vertical design of the fountain does not detract from other objects in the scene and will complement the lines of any multi-story building. This fountain also looks good in both large and small gardens, and positioned near a gate.

You may control the vigor of the fountain plume. It can take various shapes ranging between highly irregular, wind-blown shapes as illustrated here, to very regular, umbrella-type downward flows.

The scene is the standard 200 frames, but you can extend it to any length you desire.


The Old Marble Plinth Fountain Scene is fairly simple. User controls focus on the vigor of the fountain plume, the amount of regularity of its shape, and its height. Of course, you may make the scene last as long as you wish, and you may change the timing of the flow so that the animation moves more slowly.

The objects have been UV mapped and come with the weathered, rough-cut marble texture shown here. You may substitute any stone texture you like. A collection of custom “Old Bronze” through “Old Copper” Maxwell Render Materials are included for the metal pieces. Max/V-Ray Materials are included.

Preview Quality Marble Plinth Fountain

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