Pinot Grigio Pouring Scene


This is a scene where white wine, Chloe Pinot Grigio,  is being poured from a bottle that is half full into a standard white wine glass.  The simulation is 500 steps in length, beginning with wine splashing into the glass and proceeding until the glass is full.  (Realflow 2015 allows for retiming of a simulation, so you can make the process of pouring wine into the glass take whatever length of time you wish to meet your scene requirements.) The general shape and timing of the splash in the glass are under your control via a simple curve mechanism that requires no programming knowledge, and can be changed to give your scene a unique appearance.

This product has mesh models that allow for both very high resolution creation of images  and of static mesh models of the scene, plus creation of very high resolution animations of the pouring process. (Please see the product package specifications below.)

You can see a “preview-quality” view of part of this Realflow simulation sequence by clicking on the Video tab below.

The product includes complete background documentation for the simulation scene. The plain language document describes the technical objectives, describes each of the scene components and the reasons for their presence, shows which settings are critical, describes and explains them.