Plaza Fountain 1


Classic delicate marble fountain with water spilling from three fluted tiered basins. The model set includes the marble structure, and the fountain water in three component pieces, along with two alternative fountain flows.

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The Plaza Fountain 1 is a high resolution delicately fluted marble fountain typically found in plazas or gardens.

The model set includes both the marble fountain and the fountain water. The water components for this fountain consist of three alternative splash plume tops, three alternative top basin flows (low splashing, low velocity streams and higher velocity streams, and a middle and lower basin flow set.)

The marble fountain structure (made by Andy Cardiff and put in the public domain on 6/6/2012) has been UV mapped and has a seamless “Fior de Carnesco” marble texture applied.¬† It is currently available in *.Max/VRay and *.obj file formats. Vue and Maxwell Render formats will be available soon.

The MAX/V-Ray and *.obj versions are available now. The Vue and Maxwell Render versions will be available soon.

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"690, 356"

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