Plaza Fountain 2


A typical old-style European fountain with a moderate amount of detail.

This model has an extensive kit of 16 different kinds of water components that can be used to give the model a particular appearance in your scene.  That is, there are several alternative water and foam pieces that can be used in this kit to give the fountaining water different shapes and densities. See the more detailed description below, and look at the break-away picture.

This kind of fountain looks good in a semi-large open-space setting, such as a public park or plaza, or in a larger area between buildings. The fountain looks great in all kinds of lighting.

Click on the Magnifying Glass for better views of the fountain details.


The Plaza Fountain 2 model is a relatively large marble fountain with a moderate amount of detailing, and multiple components for the water and foam sections.

The sixteen (16) components for this fountain water model are shown in the “break-away” picture below. These components can be selected for a render of the model as desired.

There are two different pools of water for the lowest basin, one with more depth than the other.

This fountain kit currently comes in Max/V-Ray, *.obj and Vue file formats.  The fountain is fully UV-mapped, and can take any texture of your choice.


Additional information

File Format


Polygon Count

"751, 953 polygons"

Vertex Count

"392, 242 vertices"

Zip File Size

"41.26 MB"