Plinth Fountain 6 Scene


A modern rough-cut-marble fountain with vibrant eye-catching fountaining water!

Click on any of the pictures to zoom in and look at the fountain details.

This version of the plinth fountain has a single plume fountain of water flowing downward into a weathered copper bowl, which is splashing vigorously and overflowing.

The fountaining water easily catches light and shadow.

User controls over the fountain are reasonably extensive.  You may adjust the following to suit your needs —

  • Height of the water plume
  • Turbulence of the water plume, including a large side-to-side motion, if desired
  • Vary the amount of foam generated by the plume from none to extensive
  • Shape of the the water plume, from fairly straight spear-like to a wide umbrella shape
  • Control over the amount of water flowing doward from the plume to reach the metal basin

Two preview quality videos here demonstrate the fountain in action, one with just a small amount of foam and vigorous action, and one with a slightly greater amount of foam and slightly less vigor. One of the still images here shows the fountain with a large amount of foam, for purposes of contrast.



The Plinth Fountain 6 Scene features a vigorous central plume of water whose size, shape and movement can be given a wide variety of adjustments.

As usual, the marble fountain pieces and the metal bowl and spigot are fully UV mapped. These can take any materials or textures you might like to apply to them. A set of custom Maxwell Render materials, including various brass, copper and bronze materials is included in the file set.

Normally, a Realflow plume of upward flowing water takes on an umbrella shape once the upward movement reaches the point of inflection and is forced downward again by gravity.  But, in the real world, the plume takes on more of a spear-shaped form as the pressure of air molecules compress the water molecules at this point of inflection. To create this effect within Realflow, a set of daemons are used to compress together the particles forming the top of the plume so that it takes on a more natural shape. These amount of pressure of these daemons can be adjusted, so that you can shape the plume top to different kinds of forms.

Passage of air in the real world also causes the top of an upward flowing plume to be turbulent, and this is simulated here with use of a Noise Daemon. Since the Noise Daemon has a variety of settings, you can make the top as turbulent or a s quiet as you wish.

In the real world, an upward flowing plume of water always reaches a point of inflection, where the force of gravity overtakes the force of water pressure, and causes the water to turn and flow downward. At this point, the water flowing downward will collide with the upward flowing water, mix with air and form foam.  In this Realflow scene, a third daemon is used to convert a portion of the colliding downward flowing water into foam.  You can use this daemon to control the amount of foam formed to best suit your scene.


Two views of Plinth Fountain 6, without and with foam

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