Plinth Fountain 6


A lively model of a modern plume fountain using a weathered copper bowl and rough-slab-cut marble plinth base.

Admittedly, this is not a subtle fountain suitable for the background. Instead, the spectacular foaming plumes are designed to add vibrancy to a scene.

This model comes with two different foaming water plumes for use when positioning multiple copies of this fountain along a walkway or at the entrance to a large building.

This fountain is suitable for signage, as well as for a central plaza, entrance to a public building, or for a public walkway.

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The Plinth Fountain 6 comes with two alternate foaming water plumes for use when multiple copies of the fountain are needed. Two images each are shown of the two foaming plumes in the pictures above.

The fountain structure (plinth, bowl and water spigot) are UV mapped and can take any desired texture or materials. The water elements are three individual components (basin water, water plume and foam plume) so that they can be given their own shaders or materials, as need be.

The water elements have been made with as few polygons as possible, consist with the possible need for close-up views. The entire fountain renders relatively quickly, so it can be used in close-up views, middle ground and background.