Plume Bouquet 3D Models


Here are three different versions of a very attractive and unusual modern plume fountain.

The five-to six-foot tall fountain is quite eye-catching: one or more of these can be positioned between two tall buildings, in a central plaza or public area, at the front of a bespoke building, or in a walkway surrounded by trees. (Three slightly different versions are available in the event you wish to use more than one of these in your scene.)

A shallow circular stone/concrete base is provided with these models, but it is an individual, optional component. You may wish to replace it with a square metal slab, or place the fountain in a shallow pool or other basin.

Despite the heavy foam, this model renders surprisingly quickly – don’t hesitate to use it in a polygon-heavy arch viz scene.

Click on any picture for a closer look at the detail. And please note that there is a Realflow Scene in the Store which gives the animated version of this fountain.


Three slightly different versions of the Plume Bouquet 3D Model fountains are included in this package. (Each is shown in one of the pictures – three are included in case you want to include more than a single fountain in your scene.)

The fountaining water, the water splashing at the bottom, the foam and the collection of bronze spigots at the bottom of the fountain are individual pieces, as is the optional base. Each of these can be assigned individual materials as needed. The circular base provided is UV-mapped and includes an appropriate texture file.

Note that this fountain would be mounted on a stone, marble or formed concrete slab or short pedestal. Or, it could be placed in a shallow pool.

Currently, the model set is available in *.obj file format only, but MAX, Maya, Vue and other file formats will be coming in another few days.