Plume Bouquet Fountain Scene


Here is an attractive and eye-catching, unusual plume fountain.  A fountain that demonstrates the reason why you want an animation, rather than a still mesh model if you are an arch viz or advertising agency. This fountain is so much more interesting in motion, than it is in still life! Take a look at the video (below)…..

The fountain is designed to be the centerpiece of a pool or basin or shallow slab (as shown here) in an urban plaza, courtyard or other public place. Its strong vertical design accentuates multi-storied buildings, particularly those with with glass features. It would make a good centerpeice in a walkway surrounded by trees.

The fountain’s physical scale is five to six feet in height, although it can look completely natural when re-scaled to be smaller.  This fountain is designed to be mounted on a stone, stainless steel, bronze or formed concrete slab, or short pedestal. It can be placed in a shallow pool as well.  A simple circular pedestal is included with the fountain, for your convenience.

Click on any picture for a closer look at the detail. And please note that a preview-quality video is available below.


The Plume Bouquet fountain scene extends for 200 frames, but can run for as long as needed. It renders extremely quickly, so you don’t need to be concerned about the length of an animation you might make, or any potential detraction in a polygon-heavy arch viz scene.

User controls allow you to decrease or increase the amount of foam developed by the fountain, that is, the ratio of foam to water.

The fountain is made so that it pulses a little bit periodically.  You can extend the simulation time to make along animation for interests’ sake,. You could extend it to enable you to select animation frames in only the pulsing ranges.  Or you can extend is to that you will be able to select only the non-pulsing range of frames for your animation.

The water component, the foam component, the splashing water on the base and the bronze spigots at the bottom of the fountain are individual elements. These can be assigned individual materials as needed. If placing this on a stainless steel slab, please change the material for the spigots to match that metal.  The circular base provided is purely for your convenience, but it is fully UV-mapped and can be assigned any material.

The splashing water at the base of the fountain is made as a separate component so that if you place this fountain in a shallow pool of water, the splashing component will give the pool surface a realistic appearance. In this case, you probably should apply a foam material to the splashing base water.

A set of Maxwell Render materials for the foam, water, base and bronze spigots is included in the scene file set. Commonly available V-Ray materials look just fine on this fountain if you are incorporating it into a MAX or Maya scene.

Preview Quality Tall Plume Bouquet

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