Pouring Captain’s Decanter Scene


A “Captain's Decanter” refers to a particular shape of wine container that has a very wide-bottomed, flat bowl and tall neck. Wine pouring from a Captain's Decanter makes an interesting scene: the wine in the bottle is fully visible and can be seen moving and catching the light as the pour proceeds.

In this simulation, the decanter begins at a half-tilted position in the air, moves over and into the pouring position above the large-belled wine glass, pours wine until the glass is reasonably full, and then moves down onto the table at its resting position. The wine splashes into the glass, but then is poured more slowly so that the glass will not overfill. The wine in the glass moves gently throughout the simulation, slowing over time until it settles.  The wine in the decanter moves naturally throughout the simulation, and the simulation can be extended until the wine finally settles within the decanter.

Key elements designed for user control in this simulation are  –

  • the volume and rapidity with which the wine is poured into the glass,
  • the length of time for the pour, the length of time for the glass fill, and the length of time for the process of returning the decanter to the table, and
  • the amount of movement in the decanter, and separately, in the wine glass.

A preview video of the simulation, and the related product mesh model set with V-ray materials are shown below. The second half of the pour, where the bottle stops pouring and returns to the table has been deliberately slowed down to demonstrate the option of retiming any portion of the simulation.