Pouring Zinfandel Scene


This is a slightly different pouring scene from that presented in the Exuberant Zinfandel Static Mesh Model.  Here the scene is a conventional full-bodied pour with the bottle tilted at a sharp angle, perhaps more than half the wine has been poured out earlier. The wine is coming out of the bottle in large volume.

This Realflow simulation begins with a set of Dyverso Fluid Solver particles already entering the glass, and continuing for 120 steps. At the 120th step, the glass is quite full, and the liquid is starting to spill from the top of the glass.

The objects in the scene have custom Maxwell Render materials applied to them.

The short medium-quality video that can be viewed below uses these materials, and has a small HDRI file in the background and for illumination. This video was made with the Maxwell Render facility within Realflow.